Sordid Sorcery: Child Sacrifice and the Epstein Enigma

As promised, it is time to unveil the new website. My close friends and I have been working hard to put this together behind the scenes. This does not mean I’ll be leaving WordPress, as I wish to continue reading the blogs I enjoy and maintaining the connections I’ve established via WordPress.

Without further adieu, I present:


We are started off with three feautred articles, one for each of our sections: Macabre Media, Diary of a Madman (my personal extension of my wordpress blog), and the Hall of Heresy.

Diary of a Madman – Sordid Sorcery and the Epstein Enigma

The Hall of Heresy- Michael Sendivogius: The Light of Alchemy

Both of these pieces were written by me, with third being written by new contributor Halatinous.

Macabre Media- Prey: Bethesda’s Forgotten Child


I can’t tell you all how excited and grateful I am for your support in this venture. More Monsters, Madness and Magic is coming your way.

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One thought on “Sordid Sorcery: Child Sacrifice and the Epstein Enigma

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