The Diary of Professor Charles Cross

Monsters, Madness and Magic presents: The Diary of Professor Charles Cross.

Hope you all enjoy

My only intent in journeying to those accursed woods of Essex county was to uncover any lingering signs as to the whereabouts of my dearest friend Thomas. That strange neck of woods that have, with diabolical precision, been the altar for pagan rites so nefarious that they have been but dreamed in the darkest of occult circles. These primordial trees and their ravenous roots have been the vessel for infinite and cosmic manifestations that have steered men and beasts alike since before the age of the desert-dwelling cities of Mesopotamia. Had I not developed a courageously ignorant disregard for the perils of the forest at a young age, perhaps I wouldn’t have ventured into the very mouth of madness that night in search of my friend Thomas, enigma and curiosity of his and many an age.

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