The Bared Teeth of the Fog

Contributor Jason Edwards takes us on a stroll through the sinister streets of Silent Hill and forces us to look at ourselves in Jacques Lacan’s’ mirror of truth in a deep dive retrospective. A must-read for fans of Silent Hill.


“Lacan was a French, post-Freudian psychoanalyst who remains controversial to this very day, with intellectuals such as Noam Chomsky referring to him as an “amusing and perfectly self-conscious charlatan.” I don’t care to comment on the clinical practicality of his work, as I don’t possess the qualifications, but I have played every Silent Hill game that isn’t a Pachinko machine and watched an unhealthy amount of Slavoj Zizek lectures, which allowed me to find some striking parallels. Hooray for our public school system.

One of Lacan’s contributions to the field of psychoanalysis is “The Mirror Phase,” which involves the first time an infant sees itself in a mirror and realizes “Oh, that’s me.” Lacan theorized that this particular moment has the potential to be extremely unsettling, as what we see in the mirror rarely coincides with how we feel. On the inside, we’re oftentimes a leaky ship in stormy seas, wracked by ambivalence, insecurities, and guilt, our literal “mirror image” betrays none of this, however. I find it highly appropriate that one of the first shots in Silent Hill 2 is this image:”

Read more on Monster’s, Madness and Magic: The Bared Teeth of the Fog: Silent Hill and Jacques Lacan, Part I

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