A Tale of Ancient Aliens and Seven Sisters

Our own David Rule offers an astral alternative to some of history’s hair-raising questions. Lost legends tell of travelers from the stars, but could these stories be more than tall tales?

“Long before the Europeans began to expand their borders, there were stories told of Seven Sisters, also known as the Pleiades System, and there are many who believe this is where our species originated.

Stories range across time and many lands on our planet; the Hopi say the “star people” brought them forms of spiritualism, stories of their own homeland, as well as maps of the stars. The Cree believe they came from the same stars only to take the form of humans when they reached earth.

Furthermore, the Zuni have the same belief. Clifford Mahooty, an elder of the Tribe, and member of the Kachina society tells us of one of his “grandfathers” that taught him about the very distinct connection with the “star people” and that their interactions continue to this day.”

Read more on Monster’s, Madness and Magic here: Ancient Aliens: The Harbingers of Humanity

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