Power of the Night: 5 Macabre Melodies

Today on Monsters, Madness and Magic we explore the macabre melodies of a few eighties horror films and comment on their lasting impact.


“Movies and music share an inherent ability to conjure forth or surgically target specific emotions. When and where these two mediums intersect, magic is born. Injecting a powerful film or scene with a sonic steroid can amplify its’ impact tenfold. Examples of these audio-visual enchantments were never more prominent than in the macabre melodies crafted for horror films in the ‘80s.

While not a true member of the Neon Nation (1990, I just missed the cut), my formative years were spent exploring every nook and cranny of the horror section at my local video store. You see, my mother was a good friend of the owner, and young J.R would spend his weekends crawling between the aisles, craving the scariest cover in the joint.

This list, while not in any particular order, is a product of those archaeological ventures in the Video World. The following films seared their brand on my brain due to the diligence placed in the blasphemous blending of terrors and tunes. The scenes summoned by this sorcery are iconic, if for nothing else, for their lasting longevity in the subconscious of a generation. I’m sure most of these are familiar to you all, dear readers, so don’t be afraid to tap your foot a bit and give in to the Power of the Night.”

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