Henry Boguet: The Burner of Burgandy

Retentum. A supposed merciful act. A whisper of pity passed from the Grand Judge to the executioner. The accused, now having been damned to endure the crude and torturous methods of the Ancien Régime, shall be secretly spared. By sleight of smoke, the executioner would position himself behind the victim and, using a cord, strangle […]

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The Diary of Professor Charles Cross

Monsters, Madness and Magic presents: The Diary of Professor Charles Cross. Hope you all enjoy “My only intent in journeying to those accursed woods of Essex county was to uncover any lingering signs as to the whereabouts of my dearest friend Thomas. That strange neck of woods that have, with diabolical precision, been the altar […]

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The Hall of Heresy

Predator and Priest: The Fault of Father Thomas Boullé   The Witches Sabbath. The Faustian Pact. The Black Mass. This alleged dance with the Devil has gone by many monikers throughout the ages; yet, in 17th century France, the bells of blasphemy were tolling to a different tune. Viewed less as a deed-of-guaranteed-damnation and more […]

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