The Hall of Heresy

Predator and Priest: The Fault of Father Thomas Boullé   The Witches Sabbath. The Faustian Pact. The Black Mass. This alleged dance with the Devil has gone by many monikers throughout the ages; yet, in 17th century France, the bells of blasphemy were tolling to a different tune. Viewed less as a deed-of-guaranteed-damnation and more […]

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An Occult Observance: When Stars Align

The Winds of Walpurgia have scattered the ashen remains of Beltane’s Bonfires. I’m pleased to announce, friends, that the Walpurgisnacht edition of Lovecraftiana: The Eldritch Magazine of Horror featuring my short “The Lords of Imagination” is out now. A link to the paperback and e-book version can be found here for anyone interested! I’m sure […]

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